The warm weather here in Chicago brought many life changes with it for me. I began walking with a cane. I worked myself to exhaustion this spring, and on the first day of summer I had a heart attack. My wounded center woke me up to just how big my needs are. I’m finally asking for help, and learning to lean on my supports.

Last week, I was officially diagnosed with schizophrenia (schizoaffective – depressive type), something I’ve known about myself a long time but managed to keep a secret. I started a new round of medication and it’s already changing my life. I’m no longer trapped in one little corner of my mind. I’m finally able to stretch out my consciousness to fill my whole existence.

I’m still sewing, and still taking commissions, with some exciting new work coming up soon from these new-trembling hands. I’m so thankful for the community I have and the way you lift me up day by day.

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